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May 13, 2009 / zanzi

woody guthrie – ‘this land is my land’

if you must stay a slave by day to what the world demands

and by night to the passions whose display it reprimands

then there is little that is common twixt the two of us

and while you drive to work i think that you have missed the bus.

yet though we know that standards differ between you and me

i never interfere with the way you choose to be

but when you take away from me what was not mine to give

you rob the earth and trample over my freedom to live.

i’ve learnt respect is mutual, that it has to be earned

but rights must be demanded before all the land is burnt

the wells are poisoned or dried up, only your greed still flows

and barefoot miles for food and drink our sons and daughters go.

of callousness made vicious, a circle can have no end

save if you take responsibility to make amends.


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