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May 13, 2009 / zanzi

Toss and Turn

Weep, heart! Sorrow, for time is being lost and sometimes it seems

I will never cross paths with a complementary self.

Each joyous occasion of the day, night makes into ache, of habit

Missing the company that embraces as it understands.

The truth is I do not understand, I know all too well the labour

Men substitute in their lives for love, so compelled

Without choice, that gradually the hope in the heart recedes. Dreams

Fade more than linger and slowly stop being born.

When I was a lad love visited me, showed me how concern and despair

Are the face and flip side of a chance coin.

Keep tossing, it said, then left, and this changed to tossing and turning

Trying to find some meaning hidden in randomness.

There is no meaning in these years alone, Without a love, why a room of one’s own?

Solitude often hides in cover dense, But loneliness uncovers man’s pretense.


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