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April 18, 2009 / zanzi

The Next Two Years

This point in, you’re a sure winner

If you follow your heart and mind.

There is a sense about your soul –

As the right way on gets thinner,

It knows what it searches to find.

Wisdom ripens as it grows old.

It isn’t that you never knew

Before today what you do now,

Just that time had not yet grown keen.

What you ken today is naught new

In its ‘what’; it is in its ‘how’

That you see what had to be seen.

Swallow it down, one quiet gulp

That jagged little pill you hold,

None will be ever the wiser –

Of fiction that, beaten to pulp,

Rubs out its italics and bold

And makes of fortune a miser.

There is no great compromise

In doing what needs to be done

To secure what must be achieved.

Only the naive can despise

Life’s quirky idea of fun

And in doing so are deceived.

Circumstance oft breeds clarity

To ready and sharp intellect.

Towards this openness you head.

Clasp future with alacrity

To use it to its full effect.

Now it’s time to sleep. Go to bed.


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