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April 18, 2009 / zanzi

Party Repartee (or, Fest Pest Zest Jest … Aaad-just)

i had an idea about coming up with a theme for our department fest.
the following took place in the aftermath of my suggesting it (in jest).

“Wow dude, you’ve let be known that you not only read Asimov but also partay.

Damn, you’re so hip.”

thus did my friend nikhil comment
on our batchmates’ mailing list.
and so unfair was his lament
that i did not try to resist
rebuking it to hold my own.
it worked well; so let it be known:

(5 syllable line
and 6 syllable. fine?)

such jibes are cruel.
i seek not to duel,
nor even to show
what you already know.
simply to comment,
contribute my two cents.
what do you resent
in that which i present?

if you would bother
to read what you smother,
it would make you budge
and do more than just judge.
but i am afraid
humility won’t aid
your too eager pride,
and lies waste by your side.

you’re welcome to party
with me, i have asked you.
as for old isaac,
i don’t see why you pack
the one-liner route,
and do simply refute
what i propose
for no real purpose.

perhaps you are pained.
but then nothing is gained
through such pointless rage.
go consult a sage
on how to calm nerves
without banking on ‘herbs’,
it might help you curb
and from such anger swerve
away. that would serve
our peace to preserve.
and now my reserve
of rhyme has hit the kerb.

this demonstration
should be remonstration
enough to suffice
for your not being nice.
any elation
from rhyming narration
is only because
i want us to shake paws
and think of the fest.
put pseud comments to rest.
i hope that you see
it makes sense to agree.

with love, not hatred,
i am, yours truly, sid.


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