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March 17, 2009 / zanzi

#7 Race Course Road

BHOPALI SURVIVOR: We need water, we need air!

DELHI POLICE: Hey, you aren’t allowed in here!

BS: Air to breathe, water to drink!

DP: This is the PMO, what do you think –

We’ll let you stay? Go see a shrink!

NARRATOR: They’ll hear of this at the Skating Rink!

BS: I’m ill and weak, I think I’m dying…

DP: Get out of here, you’re really trying

Our patience… – Hello sir, use the stick?

NARRATOR: The plot thickens and blood flows thick!

DP: You’re a nuisance, face the consequence!

NARRATOR: Justice and truth are fair defense!

DP: Some mischeif makers’ propaganda!

BS: Oh, and is beating us like gulli-dunda?

NARRATOR: When protectors become abusers

Justice seekers can’t be choosers

Rise up against humanity

And restore to the capital sanity


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