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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

The Sea is Waving

Wrenched from the arms of sweet desire,

I trudged familiar ways alone, feeling wretched,

Not used to the solitary pad of my feet-soles.

But the months gradually rolled past,

Some rolled out, an empty space became acceptable,

I remembered how nice it can be to walk alone.

From crying over funny tender movies watched late at night

The tides of time and space swept me into a clearing

To laugh at the funny tender quirks of life.

It’s been a special clearing and it’s changing shape now

I’ve found meaning. I’ve done several things

Life’s been busy and it’s time to pause for breath.

For the first time in a long while

I’m happy, plain and simple.

I’ve ridden waves in the sea all night

I’ve stayed up working and partying

I’ve seen all sorts of far out things

I’ve made many kinds of choices.

And I am at peace

A silent bobbing cork.

Holding in champagne at plush tables

Driftwood on the seas of the world

Everyone’s and no one’s and all my own

And someone’s in particular perhaps.

– a sense of expanding is in you

– the universe id drawing in breath

– greener fields are being scoped out

– trees are sprouting from acorns

– popcorn is filling the pressure cooker

– you are coming at the world

and the world is coming at you.

Then there is a pause.

The universe in shifting gear.

A gasp escapes as if from quickly-drawn-in breath

But it is the way things have always been

And ever so slowly

So that you don’t want to object

You start breathing out

Dissolving in the universe

All that monkey chatter

And arriving at a type of unity.

I’m tired but in a nice sort of way

Not drained weary or worn out

just beautifully exhausted

And it won’t take much to recharge

Just a tad more sleep

Easy regularity


It’s that time of year again.


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