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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

STC4, Rishi Valley, Third Jan

every day the slowest lion must run faster than the slowest deer and the fastest deer must run faster than the fastest lion if each has to survive. One thing’s for sure – when the sun rises they better be running.

So goes the management maxim. What nonsense. There are days when the lion and deer lie around and bask peacefully without bothering – the lion’s tummy is full and the deer’s had enough grass. Those are the days they live for anyway, else why would anyone run so much? These smart types have the problem that they bother so much about getting ahead that they don’t really know why they’re going where they’re headed.

Sure people have fun at parties. Sure they travel the world. Sure they see places. But that isn’t necessarily the good life. In fact more and more I find that keeping it simple helps, attention to detail makes for a richer experience, and treating others as important makes one not only be a better person but feel a real sustained sense of happiness.


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