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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

“Bonna petit” (Shaastra 08 Newsletter Treat)

Waitresses that justify naming places Hooters
Cores named Rathee who are prompt bill-footers
Not for us such charmed ways of life.
Instead we have a fat Indian waiter
Working under an American pater
Who hasn’t yet found an Indian wife.
And yet we must thulp well
Let every gulp tell
A greasy tale to our appetite.
Because when others’ dinner is up
We’ll only just be starting to sup
Growing hungrier with every bite.
We’re such rats we won’t desert
The place till all dessert
Bowls have been licked quite clean.
With growing smiles on our faces
We’ll put them through their paces
Till their weekend earnings look lean.
Then we will miss our cat
When all our chests are flat
While our bellies do rounder grow.
But enough of such talk
For the famous turtle walk
Will give us a place to go.
But steps will be heavy
After all that gravy
And we’ll say one simple word – pack.
Then “one for the road!”-ing
And other forms of goading
Will make for one last food attack.
We’ll gorge and make merry
Eat up every cherry
Even if the ice cream tastes weird.
Till that American pater
Wonders what is the matter
And says – “It is as I feared!
These hungry young lads
Have eaten – Egads! –
They have eaten more than I thought.
I must fire my waiter
And that phone operator
Despite that (t)Am accent she’s got.”
Then feeling quite broke
He will have a stroke
And fall across our dinner table.
But since we’ll be finished
And the portions diminished
Our tempers will remain rather stable.
So waving goodbye
With a tear in the eye
And a burp to our erstwhile host.
We will stagger out heavily
Saying “That was lovely”
And dream sweet of fry and roast.
If you didn’t get the title, bonna(Hindi)=petit(French)=small/short(English).

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