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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

Quick Tales

1st September

I didn’t do it.

3rd September

Yes, I figured out Memento (and Nolan rocks), but this one’s keeping me guessing. Maybe some memories are best forgotten. Did I actually sleep through all of yesterday?

4th September

I was on such a smooth trip and then she disrupted bliss. From what he said, I guess that’s how it was. She acted insecure and I felt accused. In fact I’m sure of it – that feeling’s the only thing I’m sure of – a sense of having been rebuked. Totally uncalled for. As if there’s ever been cause to imagine… How ridiculous!

5th September

Of course I was upset, anyone would be. We’ve been way more drunk together before. And for her to turn on me like that – what a bitchy thing to do!

So let’s see – – 1st September – – two nights before that – – the funeral was on the 31st, then…

Where was I two nights ago?

6th September

30th August. Ah, Saturday night. 10 Downing’s anniversary; we partied till 4 a.m. and went straight home. That’s the last anyone saw her. I see it – she’s in my car and those other two in the back seat. We drop them off and then go by her place…

When I came home, the cat was on the bed. I needed some water from downstairs, and then the blanket was too hot. And the next morning? What happened on Sunday?

7th September

I can’t remember last Sunday. Or anything since. It’s just these random entries with me tracking this thread. Some murder mystery. Seems like I keep on blacking out and coming to. Initially for two days at a time, and then day-long… so it’s been a week since she died.

And I was mad at her last Saturday night, for thinking I was coming on to her. I’m sure I didn’t make a move or anything – I couldn’t have. There’s no basis for it. Yet she was dead in the morning. That’s why the funeral.

8th September

What cat? There’s no cat! Unless the one I wrote about this Saturday was Schrödinger’s. And there’s no blanket either – in a one-room hole in a city that’s always smoking hot – ha! Not likely. Not like I have air conditioning. Those guys I hang around with couldn’t do without one in every room of their mansions.

9th September

So, I never did get back here after the party. Where was I all of Sunday? And where was the funeral? I better ask – who was there? Why can’t I remember – was I that drunk? And since when do hangovers mean ten days of blacking out?

10th September

I think I’m being doped. Every day. And who ever’s doing it hasn’t seen this writing. It must be her killer, though. Because I definitely didn’t – but why was I alone (trailing off)

[Discovered on 2nd September in the pocket of a man found in a closed cabin, dead from suffering extreme levels of intoxication.]

This made the first shortlist of the Caferati competition on Live Journal. Way before Ghajini hit the screens!


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