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March 9, 2009 / zanzi


didn’t have much going for me
this jan
a chilly new year’s eve.
spent time with friends and family
and yet
i felt i was lonely.
you came to me so cosily
i can
now think of you only.
our soft parting will cause me
but i know you must leave.

i will not grieve
for you showed me such happiness
it wouldn’t be right to cry.
but when you heaved
to the rhythm of my caress
i couldn’t help but ask why.

why must sweet meetings be short,
till heat burns out with fading red?
why must love beget retort,
of old man time’s unfailing tread?
why was it just a moment,
blossomed to last but a season?
why should warmth briefly foment,
snuff out the same for no reason?

ask questions none
and naught shall make
a cause for pain and need.
live on anon
quietly take
of silent wisdom heed.
i shall of life
and its churning
drink unaskance the mead.
comes only strife
of returning
to where blood wants to bleed.

your spring is sweet to taste
and paths try homing back
to their origin in you.
and yet such ways are waste
for depth reflections lack
until grey skies turn blue.

i will not be
a solitary echo
across the desert plains.
i cannot see
human lion or gecko
so bounding
as the deer to be slain.

flick of the wrist, turn of the head
shrug of elegantly formed shoulder.
while steady wist heavies as lead
the cool grace of your brow grows colder.

you understand, i understand
you are of the wise, i know.
trembling clutches numb hand
and it opes to let you go.

“we will meet us again”
as you so quaintly put it.
one lunch together, then
the check so we can foot it.

these checks all balance out
paper wraps litter the sidewalk.
we leave and live without
the remnant memory of talk.

this spring the flowers will smell sweet
in the wake of your fragrance.
when friends in greening meadows meet
our shadow shall break in dance.

breaking on its “cold grey crags”,
the sea sounds out the beat
of four soles chasing on the beach.
dusk at twilight day’s noise bags,
slows pattering of feet
there’s nowhere silence cannot reach.


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