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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

Feeling fuer Liebling

it is not long ago that we lay, arm in arm –

soothing gentle balm your caress, the old alarm

of warm blood you set pulsating within me calmed,

contented that our hearts would keep us both from harm.

the sun has softly slid below the crimson line

and dusk’s colours open now night’s gentle flesh.

we sit as darkness gathers, you and i, awhile –

as our gazes meet, eyes in deep silence enmesh.

does our light flicker, does it play the game of flames,

or is there a cooler glint in the breath of fire?

where meaning has dwelt togetherness still remains

when the taming’s done of that vagabond – desire.

i will love you more and more for less and less, as

the days go by and night twinkles into dawning.

wordless whispers, quiet smiles be your caresses –

such shall suffice though your absence be till morning.

so we sit, two children in the forest-cradle

who measure truer than trauer, passion or lust.

while our solitudes each cast different fables

we hold hands. we trudge our own ways. in us we trust.


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