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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

Fear, Sorrow, Rejection: untitled 2

The open book thou wilt not read

The ‘always friend’ thou dost not need

The untrod bridge thou hast not crossed

The end that brings no gain or loss

The surface ripples words we share

The quiet depths unspoken care

Knocks at the wrong end of locked doors

Heard no less for sounding no more

The writer’s pen lain by thy side

The singer’s lips when song has died

Tears that will never be cried

Peace trying in pieces to reside

The choice which will not be made

The farewell no one ever bade

Though words do offer shade

To traveller – day doth fade


For jolly wilt the season be

That layst not a twig where folly

Treads, nor chances reason for

The dreads that go with what one would adore

In after-ages thought may put to mind

A question askance; perhaps thou wilt find

An answer sought a hundred years ago

Then deemed too trivial to learn and know

And in the groves still wilt grow the fruit

Whilst branches swaying full of hearty mirth

Tell of uprisings with deep-buried root

In pæans sprung from sorrow-delvéd earth.

To so, in days when foggy mists

Are vanishing, give right of passage

To winter again; myself be banished

Till a golden summer of some other age

To so, when green has just begun

To make the forest floor again her home,

Colour with the red autumnal sun

That setting mayst leave thy world, unknown

To so, when the very air does swell

With buds hinting at rosy unfurls; condemned

To carry out thy favour, ring the knell

Of that which I have learnt to love too well

And breathe out of thy familiar fragrance

Living now in a land with myrrh incensed

Knowing only bitter-sweet and happenstance

Lingering in airs reminiscent

Surpasses sorrow in the grief it brings.

Though wisdom proffer ‘Such is the way of things’

Self-pity make thine the fault

Or forgetfulness make tears halt

On tried and tested staffs I shalt not lean

Nay, but wilt ponder what, if at all, it may mean.


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