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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

Fear, Sorrow, Rejection: untitled 1

Whither goest thou, fear?

My mind and heart cast about

In death’s dust no footsteps thine.

Nor do I find you here

In desolation’s silent shout,

Then where red hot thy shrine?

Though thou dost hide

From me

This solemn hour,

‘Tis writ in eyes

Of thee

And all thy power.

Eyes that shift

With veins that pulse to burst;

Lives that drift,

Subdued undying thirst.

The glazed eyeballs

Sunk as in quicksand,

Nor smile may call

To tear in thy command.

Thou hast birthed the second-hand human being.

Thy presence is but authenticity fleeing.

Still thou art love’s progeny; in thy worst

All that thou dar’st not do, fear, love durst.

Included in a short film by Mana Dhanraj Contractor.


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