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March 9, 2009 / zanzi

Bhopal Padyatra

War is not in the Nazi gas chambers,

Nor in Hiroshima-Nagasaki’s numbers.

War’s in the details that play out in silence,

In every thought legitimizing violence.

Deformed children living half a death,

Broken bodies fighting for each breath –

Have felt the touch of war come up close

And take all they had… That’s how it goes.

(That’s how it goes, I say, that’s how it’s gone

Since 1984 justice hasn’t been done

Industrial lobbies’ interests have won

Its citizens’ rights our State has shunned)

War – if Dow gets away by pulling strings

To force out-of-court settlements and things.

War – if all it takes is to be clever

To ruin lives of innocents forever

And walk on by – a wink, a shake and Tata

Telling the PM it really doesn’t matter.

War – to let injustice be the norm

And turn away when others come to harm.

hum aisi mitti mein pale-badhhe hain

jo anyaya ki gufa mein aakrosh jalaaye

kisi ke putle nahin, hum bhoo ke hain

ahinsak wahi jo raksh-karm ko nibhayein

yeh kaisi shanti, bhopaliyon ki yeh taddpan

paison ke dwaar kitnon ke praadn darpadn

Which idols will we worship – MNCs, dollars?

Or is freedom more than PVC collars?

A warrant for Warren! Stop this war today…

March with the Padyatris – come lead the way!


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