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January 19, 2007 / zanzi


what happened next?

well, one can always check with james gleick, or write a sequel to ‘what just happened’.

to tell the truth, i don’t really care. it was sort of coming out, this story, and it seemed to have begun fine, but i just don’t think a suspense thriller is down my line. not my style; i wouldn’t get a kick out of narrating the chain of events subsequent to his great flick-of-the-switch with great delivery that left you breathless, even assuming i could.

so, very briefly, here’s what happened: a security guard went and switched the power back on, but by then a lady’s diamond necklace had been stolen, the owner of the power plant was caught making out with a reputed young girl and the power plant, due to an unsuspected malfunction, had built up an excess over capacity, lacked an outlet and blown up.


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  1. aadya / Feb 14 2007 10:25 am

    procrastination leadeth to boredom!

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