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January 11, 2007 / zanzi

and i do, by the way

what have you been up to? oh, that. yeah, i did it, yesterday. or the week before. last month.

where are you going? oh, there. whom are you meeting? oh, them. been there, done that, seen them…

what is it to deeply care, to be earnestly involved, to be passionately seeking, calmly enervated?

there’s a man i know who quietly does his thing. he doesn’t need to announce it to the world. where it matters, it is.

yet i wonder: how livable is that? the world pays the famous (or hangs them), not the ones plodding away at their work.

depends on what your priorities are, i’d say. honestly, there’s enuf around to live with a sense of abundance; in fact, if one has that sense, one needs very little anyway. we’re first-rate consumes, for the most part, but really, some of the happiest days i’ve spent required very little capital outlay, if i may call it that.

take this ride to and from the bus terminus. evening turned to night, i stood and sat and slept and hogged bread omelette and gulped down chikku juice. doesn’t come to much – halfway to buying a sub or one of those cheesy burgers that make you hungrier. oh, and biscuits and cake to round it off.

nothing beats water, either. the best places don’t mind keeping it around, it’s good competition. if one would still rather eat their food, it must be good stuff.

it doesn’t take much, not much at all. once man has tasted of all the wells of emotion and come to virtue, living with intensity doesn’t need a portable music player, a mobile phone and a digicam. well, yeah, they can come in handy, but essentially one can do without them in order just to fully be. the rest isn’t functional, it’s a value add.

i’m not talking sweet memories here. more like living in the moment, being able to squeeze the juices out of it and suck them in through all your pores. the air is scented so rich, the light creates such marvellous effects, that sometimes i think i’ll just burst. and i can’t comprehend people saying they’re bored. it really doesn’t have to be that way.

the title of this post? yes, it does have to do with love. i suppose they call it a post because one sends it out to the world.


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