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“the flowering of love is meditation”

siddharth sareen

at the cusp of night and day

It’s summer 2010 and there is so much to life! I’m having a gorgeous time observing human nature, my own and that of others around me, and the relationships we keep with each other and our planet. A few of my favourite lines to keep you company:

“life is like a box of chocolates, never know what you’re gonna get”

“sometimes i just sits and thinks, and sometimes i just sits”

“the only true law is that which leads to freedom”

I’m a living being, a flesh and blood individual and more. It’s that more that most of us spend our lives dealing with anyway…

This blog began with Jan 2007 and lasted all of two months. It made a comeback after two years of dormancy in March 2009.

While here, spend your time mostly scrolling through the posts, old and new. I’ll keep them coming.

Go through the pages up top if you want to have a look at some dated, captioned, random photos of my life.

The Categorical tendencies widget to your right side of the page is the way to go. We hope you like it!

Zanzi is my first dog, a black labrador. She died in 2006 due to a heart seizure during labour, but lives on here.


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